The Alberta Hip & Knee Clinic - Calgary

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Dr. Maureen O'Brien will retire from surgical practice in May 2017. There is enough time to complete the surgeries for patients already on the surgical wait list but she will no longer be accepting new referrals. She will continue to provide follow-up care for patients who have already had surgery.

Dr. Lowell Van Zuiden and Dr. John Donaghy have retired from surgical practice. Both continue to practice at the Alberta Hip & Knee Clinic screening patients to determine whether they are candidates for joint replacement surgery.


Welcome to the Alberta Hip & Knee Clinic

The Alberta Hip and Knee Clinic is a clinic partnering with Alberta Health Services and the Alberta Bone and Joint Institute, to provide both surgical and non-surgical care for patients with hip or knee joint arthritis. We prepare all patients from the Calgary area for hip or knee joint replacement surgery, which is done at Foothills Medical Centre, Peter Lougheed Centre or Rockyview General Hospital.

Your visit to the clinic may include a screening visit to determine if you are a potential candidate for surgery. If you are someone who is non-surgical then a treatment plan will be discussed with you which will give you directions as to what you need to do next. If your hip or knee arthritis is more severe, you will see a surgeon to discuss options for surgery. Our goal is to help each patients on their path to relieving the pain of hip and knee arthritis. Although the process may seem overwhelming at first glance, our staff and team approach will be there every step of the way to ensure that you receive the care you need. 

Our clinic has a team approach to providing care. Each of our 17 Orthopedic Surgeons works with a Registered Nurse Case Manager, Medical Office Assistant, Kinesiologist and Dietician. If surgery is required, you will also have access to an Internal Medicine Physican and an Anesthetist. Our goal, as a team, is to ensure you and your family are as ready for your surgery as you can be. We help with your emotional and physical readiness and ensure that you have all the items in your home that you will need after surgery.

Many of the Surgeons at the Alberta Hip & Knee Clinic care for other bone and joint conditions. Click on 'About Us' to learn more about the Surgeons. 

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Mission Statement 

Evidence based musculoskeletal healthcare services of exceptional quality within a multidisciplinary team approach model. To promote and develop a pre-surgery optimization plan utilizing community resources.


Independent, effective, integrated care for the musculoskeletal patient


This Clinic exists to serve others and does so through the expression of our core values:

  • Respect - To consistently maintain respect for our colleagues, our healthcare partners and our patients
  • Excellence - To work at the highest level of performance with a commitment to continuous improvement
  • Accountability - To be responsible for decisions that we make and actions that we take
  • Partnership - To collaborate with our partners to achieve positive results
  • Patient-Centered - To provide a patient-centered continuum of care model
  • Stewardship - To manage resources responsibly
  • Integrity - To be honest, fair, and trustworthy

 To strive to continuously strengthen our methods of practice based on best practice management research results.

 The Clinic encourages an inclusive culture, this means we welcome and embrace the strengths of our differences and treat each other with respect and fairness.